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Remote Receptionist and Administrative Assistant

Company: The Insomnia Clinic
Location: Colorado Springs
Posted on: September 23, 2022

Job Description:

Remote Receptionist and Administrative Assistant

We are looking for an experienced, efficient healthcare office receptionist and administrative assistant with a passion for customer service and attention to detail. This position is 80-90% work at home and 10-20% travel within the local community. The primary responsibilities of this position are:

1. Coordinate all administrative aspects of providing high quality patient care.

2. Act as the primary point of contact for patients and external healthcare providers.

3. Additional responsibilities include general administrative support for insomnia clinic clinicians and maintenance of program evaluation and provider databases.

Who are we?

The Insomnia Clinic is a group of healthcare, research, education, and administrative professionals who believe that healthy sleep is essential for optimal health and maximum quality of life. We believe there is a solution to every sleep problem and are passionate about helping people find their personal sleep solution. We believe that healthy sleep is possible for everyone. We also believe that healthy sleep is almost always possible without use of medications.

We mainly serve two types of insomnia sufferers. The first type is individuals who are looking to solve an insomnia problem and are unwilling to take a medication. The second type is individuals who are already taking sleep medication and need help achieving healthy sleep without them. We do not contract with any insurance. All of our patients pay for our services out of pocket.

The Insomnia Clinic evolved from the personal experiences of our founder, Dr. Robert N. Glidewell, who struggled with poor sleep for the first three decades of his life. His personal struggles with insomnia, his training as a psychologist and sleep expert, and his personal and professional experience within our healthcare system has shaped everything we do and everything we believe about the problem of poor sleep. Read Dr. Glidewell's personal sleep story at

Our Services

The science on solving the problem of poor sleep without medications shows that there many pathways back to better sleep. This is why The Insomnia Clinic provides a full spectrum of educational and clinical services based on a stepped-care model. In this model there are levels of care with each level having a greater degree of intervention and support. While some patients will benefit from interventions as simple as a self-help book or short educational workshop, others will need one-on-one clinical evaluation and treatment.

Everything we do at The Insomnia Clinic revolves around our two exclusive systems of Guided Sleep DiscoveryTM and Sleep Transformation TrainingTM.

The Guided Sleep Discovery process is designed to walk patients through a three-step process of identifying the causes of poor sleep, prioritizing their importance, and creating a plan to restore healthy sleep. During the sleep discovery process a clinician helps patients examine the 12 sources of insomnia.

From there, our Sleep Transformation TrainingTM process teaches the scientifically proven process (including evidence-based cognitive-behavioral therapies) of reversing changes in the brain caused by insomnia, strengthening natural sleep systems, and removing obstacles to great sleep using the 10 sources of sleep transformation.

These systems are delivered through a combination of services and products including Dr. Glidewell's book (_10 Laws of Insomnia: Solve the Puzzle of Poor Sleep and Reclaim Your best Life_), free 15-minute phone consultations, private sleep consultations, half day CBT-I Sleep Training workshops, and individual clinical treatment.

Who are you?

You are a fit for our company if:

1) You are looking for a company where you will make a significant impact as an important and equal team member, not as a simple "worker,"

2) You like a fluid, expanding organization that is small, but growing,

3) You enjoy meaningful work, with a focus on helping patients achieve RESULTS,

4) You thrive in an environment of continuous professional development,

5) You live with an abundance mindset where the work you do helps change lives and you are worth being compensated for your impact on the world,

6) You have a great grasp of American English and writing,

7) You want to work for a company that cares about you, your life, and your goals, and

8) You enjoy helping us all figure out how to create this kind of culture.

- If you are looking for a job where you can just show up and collect a paycheck then please do not apply.

The ideal candidate is a self-managed adult who will join us in growing and developing a company that is well known in the Colorado community for world class care. Once you learn the job, we want you thinking creatively about how to improve our process and procedures and healthcare we provide.

The ideal candidate has the flexibility to grow their knowledge and develop new skills while integrating their existing knowledge and skills into the clinic's processes.

The ideal candidate has a passion for helping to bring the Insomnia Clinic vision and mission to life by supporting delivery of high quality compassionate care.


1. Living out our core values:

a. Joyful Balanced Living - We work together to create a company culture and structure that prizes faith, family, friends, fitness, and fun.

b. Company Culture of Committed Community - Self-managed and self-motivated stakeholders who live well by doing good. Individuals who think, make decisions, carry responsibility, take ownership, be creative, and solve problems.

c. Partnering with Patients - While most of the healthcare and health education industry is focused on impersonal and low intensity sleep services and products, we offer patients a personal connection with a sleep expert who walks with them through the process of recovery.

d. Bridging the Practice Gap - Health or dysfunction in the domain of sleep has significant consequences for overall health, function, and quality of life. However, research on current practice patterns indicate that as many as 80% to 90% of sleep disturbances go undiagnosed and untreated. This discrepancy between knowledge and practice is termed the practice gap and we want to shrink through the work we do.

e. Reducing Pharmaceutical Harm - The harm associated with use of prescription sleep aids is well documented. We strive to educate providers and patients that there is an effective evidence-based alternative to pharmacotherapy. We also provide prescribers and individuals with a clear pathway to reducing or eliminating prescription sleep aid use while maintaining healthy sleep.

f. Remarkable Patient Experiences - Carefully crafting our interventions, processes, and procedures with the patient experience in mind. Having the intent to create an experience of:

i. Our company and team as caring and competent

ii. Interactions with our team, processes, products, and services that create feelings of connection, confidence, hope, and trust.

g. C ultivating Expertise - We encourage and support continuous professional growth of all team members with a focus on aligning personal goals and interests with company vision, mission, and values.

h. Evidence-Based and Innovative - We use evidence-based strategies when available. Courageously and ethically explore new strategies when evidence-based strategies are unavailable or ineffective.

2. Living out our vision and mission:

a. Vision - Enrich lives by reducing the burden of sleep disturbance on individuals, families, industry, and society.

b. Mission - Grow a team of sleep experts who partner with individuals to overcome the problem of poor sleep and live their best life through development and delivery of innovative sleep training and treatment programs.

3. Have the mindset of an "owner." We are all "Stakeholders" (fully committed and engaged staff), and no matter how many hours you spend with us, you're as much a part of what we do as anyone. You need to have that mindset - you are an incredibly valuable part of our team and our patients will get to know you and lean on you.

4. Have the mindset of an Adult . We're not looking for someone who needs to be told what to do, when to show up, what time recess is, and when they can go home. We're looking for someone who, once you have learned the job, is a self-managed, self-motivated adult who knows what we want, and enjoys taking the bull by the horns to get it done, without being watched, managed or directed. We all work together to get things done, and we need someone who will join us as an equal team member, not as an "underling" or employee/child.

5. Work schedule. The work schedule is 8 AM to 5 PM Mountain Time, Monday Through Friday.

6. Maintain a Secure, Private, and Professional Home Office: This position requires a private workspace with a locking door where sensitive patient information can be stored, processed, and discussed while maintaining privacy and confidentiality standards. This workspace must be decorated to present a professional appearance for video meetings.

7. Maintain Reliable High Speed Internet Service: This position requires you to maintain internet service of sufficient speed and reliability to use cloud-based software and video services.

8. Administrative Support for Clinical and Educational Services: You will spend much of your days scheduling appointments, processing mail, collecting payments, shipping and receiving sleep tracking devices..... click apply for full job details

Keywords: The Insomnia Clinic, Colorado Springs , Remote Receptionist and Administrative Assistant, Administration, Clerical , Colorado Springs, Colorado

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